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3 Ways a Hybrid Way of Working Can Improve Employee Wellbeing

The future of the workplace is forever changing due to the pandemic over the past year. With many offices beginning to open again, it looks like the new way of working could be a mix of in the office and at home - a hybrid way of working. Hybrid working practices are increasingly becoming the norm, with 34% of the workforce working at least one day a week from home. (1)

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AVOID these 5 mistakes when creating a Hybrid Workplace

With lockdown beginning to ease, many offices are starting to open for employees again. But many are adopting a hybrid way of working. More than three quarter (77%) of UK employees say a mix of office-based and remote working is the best way forward post COVID-19, (1) but it’s important to avoid these common mistakes.

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5 Ways to Manage Your Digital Stress

I really think it’s important to consider how big your stress bucket because the more you can contain or hold onto, the more resilient that you are. I think one of the challenges is for many of us actually we don’t understand our stresses and so we don’t know what to prioritise or how to prioritise where to give our attention. I really encourage you to understand your stress and manage your own boundaries, be clear on your expectations to your line manager and also to your team because if you’re leading people they will look to you as the example.

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