Managing a healthy work life balance

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A key way to look after your well being is to ensure you have a healthy work life balance. A mental health survey found that one third of employees feel unhappy or very unhappy about the time they devote to work. More than 40% of employees are neglecting other aspects of their life because of work which may increase vulnerability to mental health problems

There are ways you can help manage your healthy work life balance such as:

  1. Taking responsibility for your own work life balance- Speak up when work expectations and demands are too much.
  2. Try to work ‘smart’ not long- this involves prioritisation. Allowing yourself a certain amount of time per task and trying not to get caught up in less productive activities.
  3. Take the link between work related stress and mental health seriously - Try to reduce stress by doing activities like going on a walk, meditation and finding a hobby.

There are also ways your employer can help you manage your healthy work life balance such as:

  1. Developing policies that acknowledge the association between work stress and mental health.
  2. Giving better training to managers so that they can spot stress.
  3. Promoting a culture of working ‘smart’ not long.


Resources for managing work life balance

‘We Love Work’ will allow your employees to state how they are coping with their mental health and work load without the embarrassment of having to speak face to face with their manager or work colleagues. Visit for a free trial.

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