How to be mentally healthy at work

A man working at his desk who seems happy.

Plenty of people find that work is good for their mental health. A job can help protect your mental health by providing a source of income, sense of identity, contact and friendship with others, a steady routine and structure, as well as opportunities to contribute and gain skills.

However, 14.7% of people experience mental health problems in the workplace. In particular, women in full-time work are nearly twice as likely to have common mental health problems as full-time employed men.

If work is having a negative affect on your mental health, try to figure out what is causing it. It could be having poor relations with your colleagues, doing a certain type of work, being treated unfairly due to a mental health problem, worrying about returning to work after poor mental health, or a variety of other reasons.

There are ways to prevent your mental health deteriorating:

  • Don't feel afraid to talk about your feelings.
  • Keep active
  • Eat well
  • Limit alcohol
  • Take breaks

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