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3 Ways To Continuously Check Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing

56% of professionals think that their employer does not do enough to support their health and wellbeing. During these times of working from home, hybrid working or back in the office - employees can struggle with their mental health and physical wellbeing. So We Love Work has put together useful tips for employers on how to check in with their staff to ensure they are keeping well. 

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How to overcome difficult colleagues

Now that lockdown is easing, returning to work is in sight. We will all be spending a lot of time with our colleagues each week. Whether working together in the office or over zoom and email from home, we still rely on our colleagues to work together and get the job done. It can be frustrating when some aren't as easy to work with as others.

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A group of women gathered around a table working on a project.

How do we tackle unconscious bias against PoC in the finance sector?

There are believed to be no more than 12 black portfolio managers in the entire UK investment management industry, according to a 2018 study by New Financial (1). The lack of people of colour in the finance industry is still at a staggering low, especially at manager or higher positions, although 118 directors in the FTSE 100 are from an ethnic minority – defined as those who “identify as or have evident heritage from African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Central and South American regions” – up from 92 in 2020 (2). This may look like the numbers are on the rise, however it is still significantly lower than the number of white people in the same position. 

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A cartoon of a woman working from home as her children play nearby.

Finance leaders must consider the inclusive potential of remote work

A few years ago, a new café opened in Japan consisting entirely of robot staff (1). An unusual idea, but it went beyond being a simple gimmick. Each robot waiter was being remotely piloted by people with paralysis, allowing them to directly speak with customers to take orders and serve them their drinks. Suddenly through this remote working innovation, a whole new sector of talent was able to connect with the working world in a way they previously never could.

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A team having a meeting together in their office.

How to ensure your return to office plan is inclusive

Can we go back to ‘normal’ when ‘normal’ no longer exists? 92% of people expect to be able to work from home at least once a week after the pandemic. Reopening offices and encouraging people back to work isn't going to be an event, it’s going to be a process. Each individual person is going to feel different about returning to work after working remotely for such a long period of time. So how do you cater to those individuals and their unique needs?

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#MeToo written in magazine clippings against a grey background.

How you can combat workplace sexual harassment

Sexual harassment

Unfortunately even in this day and age it is incredibly shocking to learn that over 60% of women in the UK have experienced some form of sexual harassment in the workplace. A study has revealed the seriousness of harassment can range from groping to inappropriate comments. ‘Me too’ is a movement for sexual violence/ harassment survivors. People being able to share their own experiences helps other people to not feel so alone if they are being sexually harassed and perhaps gives them the confidence to speak up about what they are experiencing.

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