4 Signs your Company Culture needs a Re-boot

October 10th, 2017 at 7:21 pm in #, #, #, Culture fit by welovework

Company culture is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage.

Your organisation’s culture will have the greatest impact on your people, performance and growth. Measuring the impact your culture (whether it is defined or undefined) is having on organisational performance, today and in the future, is vital for success.  

Whether you are a fortune 500, or 3 person startup, companies with strong cultures outperform their competitors by 20%.

Too often the culture conversation begins in the boardroom, but is ineffectively cascaded down to desk level. This is problematic for companies experiencing the damaging effects a wayward culture has on their organisational performance, and their ability to attract and retain talent. If culture is not seen by leadership as strategy itself,  culture problems are overshadowed by leaders failing to prioritise it, until it is too late.

In order to monitor how your culture is impacting organisational performance and most importantly your people, a consistent effort towards ensuring your desk culture is aligned with the company mission, vision and values is key.

In a recent article Arianna Huffington, board member at Uber stated that company culture is the immune system of any business.  “Your health relies on your immune system”.

Toxic cultures are challenging and complicated to reverse and can have a lasting and extremely damaging effect on any business.

Here are 4 signs it might be time for a Culture Re-boot: 

1. Performance – You are not performing to your optimum. Performance is declining and impacting profitability and productivity.  KPI’s are consistently under achieved. Leadership are unable to deliver effectively or efficiently. 

2. High Attrition – You have high levels of attrition throughout the business, especially within mid- senior management. Tenure is low and you are not able to retain top talent within the business. 

3. Low Engagement – Productivity is low, employee engagement levels are low, employees are not invested in the overall mission and vision of the company. You have high levels of complaints, grievances and conflicts. 

4. Talent Attraction – You are struggling to attract the best candidates and are continuously losing the best candidates to your competitors. Talent attraction is costly with majority of key roles having to be outsourced. 

Your culture is your brand and it should be taken seriously. Using science and technology we provide a globally tested and award winning solution to drive organisational growth and culture change.

We Love Work can help you solve these 4 issues and use your culture as a driver for talent attraction, growth and organisational performance.

Have a  question? Get in touch, hello@welovework.com

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