How to survive at work when you don’t fit the company culture. 

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 Being unhappy at work is extremely disempowering and can even have an effect on your emotional, physical and mental well being.

According to research as much as 70% of employees are disengaged at work. The most popular reason for this is culture mismatch.

What is a culture mismatch?

The culture within your workplace is a reflection of the values, norms and behaviours of the employees. The culture reflects how everyone in the organisation behaves in different situations. When you are mismatched to the culture of your organisation you are likely to feel less engaged at work and often find yourself struggling to stay committed.

If your personal values do not align with your team you get what we call  “culture clash”.

Here are 5 tips on what to do when you are experiencing culture clash at work.

1. Do a  self assessment Ask yourself why you unhappy in your current job and what you dislike about the culture. Make a list of the pro’s and con’s and decide if there are ways you can improve your situation while staying at work or if it is time to move on.

2. Get to the root of the problem– It’s important that you identify the root cause of your unhappiness at work. Is it you or is it the work environment itself? If you have not identified the problem it is likely to follow you to your next job role.

3. Talk to your Manager –  If you are not happy with your compensation, work load or hours then it is worth speaking to your manager as it could be modified and improved.

4. Remember the grass is not always greener – If you are considering leaving, make sure you do your research. Ensure that you use the things that did not work in your current role to guide you to making the right choices for your next place of work. Choose an employer whose values align with yours.

5. Be positive – Sometimes a change of outlook changes everything. Try to maintain a positive attitude and focus on the positive things that are happening in your job if you can. If you really can’t, it may be time to look elsewhere.

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