How to implement a values driven candidate sourcing strategy

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The number one reason for employee turnover is due to the candidate not being the right fit for the company culture. No matter how much effort you put into your recruitment strategy, hiring someone who is a poor cultural fit is expensive and disruptive. Research indicates that the cost of a bad hiring decision can be as much as 2.5 times the employee’s annual salary.
Here are three suggestions to help you develop a values driven approach to candidate sourcing. By following this you are more likely to source candidates that are the right fit for your company culture.

1.Identify the authentic culture within your existing teams.

The problem

Too often company employer brand conveys the aspirational culture or core values of the company instead of the existing culture within the team they are hiring into.

Candidates are given a great pitch during interview, but when they arrive for their first day at work they get a shock. What  they were sold does not reflect the authentic culture at all and they end up becoming disengaged at work.

When your employer branding, core values and aspirational culture do not reflect the authentic culture this will inevitably lead to high employee turnover, low productivity and low employee engagement, all of which costs companies millions each year.

The solution

Assessing the values and behaviours of existing employees with culture assessment tools can help you identify the culture within specific teams and departments.  Benchmark your top performers and use data and predictive analytics to help you identify the main values and motivations you are looking for in new employees.

2.Establish an authentic Employer Value Proposition ( EVP) which is championed by existing employees.

The problem

Companies who are unable to showcase their authentic culture to prospective hires face the danger of hiring those who do not share their values. Hiring people who are a poor fit will leave you with employees who are less engaged, have greater sickness-absence, are less productive and are likely to leave quite quickly.

The solution

Use existing employees to champion your authentic culture. Existing employees make great brand ambassadors for a number of reasons. Firstly, no-one can describe the organisation better than the employees that live and experience the values and culture of the company on a daily basis.

Candidates considering working for you will trust and value their opinion far more than the HR, recruitment or marketing department as it will be seen to be more authentic.

The content you create here is also highly valuable as it eill not be relevant to your competitors and therefore be exclusive content to drive your brand.

  1.  Screen applicants for their values and motivations not just experience and competencies.

The problem

A candidate can have great credentials and experience but if they do not fit the company culture they are unlikely to engage with or stay in the company for very long. The average time a millennial stays with an organisation is 2 years. This is drastically reduced if the role/culture does not align with their personal values.


Screen prospective hires for their values, not just their skills and experience. By doing this you will be more likely to attract, hire and retain the best possible people for the job role and the company culture. Screening for values will also improve your employer brand.

For further information on adopting a values driven approach to hiring get in touch.

Written by Paris Petgrave,
The We Love Work Team

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