Why hiring is like dating – 3 common mistakes you don’t want to make!

March 1st, 2017 at 9:03 am in , Hiring for culture fit, Uncategorized by Paris Petgrave

Ever dated that person that looks oh so good on paper? The type of individual that ticks all the achievement boxes. We might not like to admit it, but we all have a list. A list of attributes and qualities we want to see in our ideal partner.

The same can be said for hiring. One of the biggest mistakes made when dating is putting too much focus on your dates achievements and not enough focus on their values and character.

Recruiters pursue a candidate because of their achievements on paper. The candidate appears to be what they want, but are they actually what the company needs? Finding the right match means finding the best possible candidates for the job role and the company culture.  Seeking the right match without considering the compatibility of the candidate against the company culture will almost always lead to the inevitable. After the 3 month honeymoon period, you begin to realise you are just not compatible at all. In fact, they were at the top of your list for all the wrong reasons.

Being compatible is the ability to work together or coexist without problems or conflict. Not that there won’t be challenges in the relationship, but in order to truly understand whether your candidate is the right fit for the company, you have to know or come to the conclusion that you are compatible in the first place.

But how do you do this in the early “getting to know you stages” of the interview?

1. Seek their values and character, not just skills and achievements.

A person’s character tells you a lot more about who they are than just their achievements. Like dating, when you want to find the right match you have to look beyond the superficial and their achievement resume.

A person’s character determines their behaviours which will determine the way they engage with the company vision, their colleagues, your customers and the daily challenges they face.

Let’s face it, just about anyone is datable for a 3-month period. Most of us wear a mask in the initial stages of dating which begins to crack after a period of 3 months. Get to know your candidate’s values as much as their strengths and achievements. This will determine how compatible they are with the company culture and the team they will be joining.

2.  Can they carry the vision?

Like dating, the dreams and ambitions of your prospective partner are of great importance and this can be said for a potential new hire. Finding out what motivates your employees is essential to understanding whether their dreams, goals and ambitions would align with the company vision and values.

3. Do you have potential together?

Great relationships are based on each individual making the other better. Look for candidates who will add value in a variety of ways. What experiences and value does the individual have that can make your team or company become even better. Relationships give and take finding the right candidate often means looking at how much you as a company can commit to the growth and development of the candidate and not just what they can offer you.

Understanding whether someone is compatible with your values is essential for any job placement or relationship to succeed. Values matching when dating or hiring is the key to finding the “right match” and sustainability long term.

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